Chamomile Tea as a Soothing Sleep Aid

BuddhaTea Chamomile Tea - Sleep Aid

For many people herbal remedies are far more appealing than the over the counter alternatives available particularly when it comes to problems related to sleep. Herbal teas that help induce sleep are safe, natural, and even healthy to drink regularly. One of the most popular tea that has been used for centuries for sleep related problems and disorders is chamomile tea, a gentle brew that can lead you to a relaxing night’s rest.

Common Sleep Disorders

A great majority of people today suffer from or experience not getting enough sleep at night. One of the most common sleep disorders experienced by people today is insomnia. Insomnia has been said to affect at least one in every five adults. It is a generalization of experiencing poor sleep and can be mild or severe depending on each individual case. Common symptoms of insomnia and other related sleep problems are waking too early or in the middle of the night, having trouble falling asleep, and not feeling fully rested after a night of rest.

There are many causes that can disrupt sleep patterns. Busy life styles, stress, or even lack of a proper diet can all lead to disruptions in a healthy sleep pattern. Stimulants like caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine are also frequent causes behind poor sleep patterns. Even holding anxiety or worry about poor sleep can lead to an increased lack of sleep.

The Dangers of Sleep Loss

Loss of sleep is a serious problem that should be tended to immediately as it can lead to further health issues and disorders. Lack of sleep can lead to higher risk of accidents, loss of proper mental focus, and serious health problems such as heart disease, heart failure, high blood pressure, stroke, and diabetes. It can also alter mood, which can result in irritability, irrational behavior, and depression.

How Chamomile Tea Helps

Drinking a natural herbal tea will come without the unwanted side effects that can be found in most over the counter medications. Chamomile is not only safe for adults, but it’s also safe enough to give to children in small doses as well to help calm them so that they can sleep easier as well. Chamomile has been highly recommended to those suffering from lack of sleep for centuries due to the sedative properties that it has to offer.

Studies have shown that drinking chamomile tea not only helps an individual fall asleep quicker, it also helps them to sleep more deeply, reducing the occurrence of waking in the middle of the night. These studies have isolated apigenin from chamomile extract as the flavonoid that is directly responsible for reducing brain activity, which assists in relaxing the body so that sleep can be induced. However, although scientific research has managed to uncover that chamomile does indeed have strong sleep inducing qualities, more research continues in an attempt to understand exactly which constituents in chamomile make this possible. Furthermore, while chamomile tea can help greatly for many sleep related issues; further treatment may be necessary for more serious issues such as chronic insomnia. When drinking chamomile tea to induce sleep, it is best to take one cup 30 to 40 minutes before preparing to lay down to rest.

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