Chamomile Tea: Trusted Benefits

BuddhaTea Chamomile Tea Health Benefits

If you’ve ever looked at the side effects and warning labels on a bottle or box of medicine, you’re likely to be a bit surprised and alarmed. While most drugs are necessary and can help us tremendously, many come with serious side effects.This, along with the constantly escalating costs of these medicines, is why so many have turned to natural remedies to help alleviate minor problems.

While your doctor should always be first on your list for medical help, numerous natural teas and supplements such as chamomile tea can provide health benefits that can lessen your need for over the counter or prescription drugs.

Soothing Properties

One of the main uses for it is to calm and relax the body and mind, and it has been given to many a restless child to help coax them to sleep. Its soothing properties help with insomnia, stress anxiety, panic attacks, and other similar issues. Bisabolol is a type of oil found in the plant and the chemical that has been linked to its soothing, relaxing qualities. These qualities can even be useful for serious issues such as depression, paranoia, chronic nightmares, and hysteria.

Common Cold Symptoms

If you’re suffering from a common cold, chamomile can help with that too. Studies on this herb have shown that even inhaling the steam that drifts up from a steaming cup of chamomile tea offers benefits for those with a cold, as the steam can help relax the throat and sinus to help lessen congestion and pain. Drinking the tea is also very soothing on a sore throat and the relaxing properties of this tea can help you get a better night’s rest.


For ages, chamomile tea has also been utilized as a natural anti-inflammatory. Drinking chamomile tea or applying it topically to an affected area can help soothe redness, pain, and swelling. For those who suffer from rheumatic issues like arthritis, the anti-inflammatory benefits certainly make this a tea worth trying. The pain-relieving properties also make this a helpful tea for women who are suffering from premenstrual cramps.

Digestive Aid

Chamomile tea is also one of the most effective natural remedies for stomach conditions including nausea, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, and more. If you suffer from bloated feelings or indigestion after a big meal, a cup of chamomile may be your ticket to a natural, relaxing, and effective relief. This herb has been greatly valued for its ability to help relieve motion sickness and loss of appetite as well.

External Uses

There are many external benefits that chamomile tea can provide due to its antiseptic qualities. Minor cuts, scrapes, and scratches can be soothed by applying chamomile directly to them, and minor inflammations such as puffy eyes can be reduced by use of the plant as well. Skin conditions such as eczema also benefits from moist applications of chamomile tea. It also help to make the skin feel smoother and softer when applied externally, which makes it a good tea to use topically if you are looking for a way to combat dry skin.

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