Chamomile Tea for Digestive Relief


The introduction of over-the-counter drugs, convenient capsules, and pills has definitely had a big effect on the medicinal world. Regardless, there are many who are turning away from the use of these ‘convenient’ cures in favor of something a little more natural and readily available.

Herbal teas have been the answer to many people that are look for healthy, safe, and beneficial ways to help them remedy common ailments at home. Chamomile tea sits high on the list of popular and beneficial teas for use at home for things such as sleep, anxiety, digestion and more.

Causes and Effects of Poor Digestion

An upset stomach is almost always a difficult problem to deal with. Digestive issues can be discomforting, prevent the proper intake of vitamins and minerals, and even lead to serious health issues. Among all the health issues that people experience, gastrointestinal problems and disorders are among the most common as well as the most frequently experienced. Poor digestion can be caused by certain foods, stress and anxiety, and bad eating habits. Other causes, such as certain medications or stimulants such as smoking and alcohol can also disrupt the digestive system, making it function abnormally or poorly.

The effects of poor digestion are detrimental on the body. As mentioned prior, it can prevent the proper intake of vitamins and minerals from certain foods, but it can also lead to more serious disorders of the gastrointestinal system.

How Chamomile Helps

Chamomile is widely recognized for its ability to assist with digestion as well as a few gastrointestinal disorders. It can easily and effectively help to quell inflammation in the gastrointestinal system, calm heartburn, and improve digestion overall. It can also be useful for serious conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and it can also help to prevent stomach ulcers. Drink one cup of warm chamomile tea after a large meal to help ease digestion and rid your stomach of bloated or discomforting feelings.

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