Amazing Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea

Buddhateas Buy Chamomile TeaThe chamomile plant is a perennial plant that is related to the daisy family. For centuries, this plant has built a long history of uses and medicinal benefits when used in its various forms, though it has been most popularly utilized as a fragrant tea. This tea is typically derived from the flowers of this herb. When made into a tea, these flowers offer a great number of health benefits in addition to its soothing properties and calming, smooth flavor.

Over the years, chamomile tea has grown a reputation as one of the safest and most soothing teas out there and therefore has been a trusted, favorable brew for centuries. It is often used as a natural remedy in many homes and is gentle enough to be given to small children as well as adults. The active compound that helps make chamomile so effective for many health issues is an essential oil contained in the flower known as bisabolol. This oil has been proven to possess many antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which helps make it effective in healing many ailments.

Chamomile Tea, A Natural Sleep Aid

One of the most common uses for chamomile tea, aside from simply enjoying its delicate flavor, is for the treatment of sleep disorders like insomnia. This is because unlike other teas, chamomile lacks the addition of caffeine, making it a more relaxing and calming drink to consume. One reason for this is because this particular drink contains a flavonoid known as chrysin, which is partly the reason behind its ability to work as a sedative. Drinking warm chamomile before bed can help to elevate your body temperature and this can further assist you in getting a good night’s rest.

A Natural Relief for Tension and Anxiety

Chamomile tea is very well known for its ability to ease and relieve anxiety and tension. This is also due to the calming, soothing effects this tea has on the body. Due to its reputable and effective nature, this tea has become the most popular for combating issues such as these. It is also rich in glycine, which is an amino acid that works to ensure a healthy nervous system, making you less prone to feelings of tension.

Chamomile Tea and Pregnancy

The tea is also a nice morning relaxer if you are feeling the effects of an upset stomach or diarrhea, as it has such a soothing effect. For intestinal problems or irritable bowel syndrome, it can be quite effective. It also works as a digestive aid, helping to move things along through your system easier. Chamomile tea can also be beneficial in aiding feelings of cramps and pregnancy in women because it works as a muscle relaxant, making it a valuable drink to keep on hand since it can be conveniently made whenever necessary.

Another popular time that people choose to drink chamomile tea is during cold and flu seasons. This is because it holds many anti-inflammatory properties to it that can reduce feelings of congestion and muscle aches and pains that are often related to these sicknesses.

Directions: The easiest way to prepare the tea is with bags, which is generally the easiest form to find at the store. Take one bag and steep it in a cup of hot water for about 3 to 5 minutes. Many prefer their chamomile with lemon and honey. It is also frequently mixed with mint or lemon leaves to make a more unique infusion. These additional variations can be fun to sample as well.

You can drink 3 to 5 cups of chamomile a day, though if you are looking to use chamomile as a sleep aid drink one cup one hour prior to sleeping. For stomach aches, take chamomile without food in the morning on a regular basis. Women who are pregnant should not drink chamomile tea without consulting a doctor first as chamomile tea can induce contractions which can cause unwanted problems for an expectant mother.

It truly is no wonder why this particular tea has grown popular and stayed popular throughout the years. It can certainly make a useful addition to any kitchen cupboard due to its ability to heal a variety of common problems many people experience. Since it is also safe for children to take, it can be very beneficial in helping to calm a mild stomach ache or help them sleep as well. Chamomile tea also contains many healthy antioxidants which can help to protect and repair the cells in the body.

We sincerely hope that you have been able to find this article informational and beneficial. If you do have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are looking to purchase chamomile tea it is quite commonly found in many local food and health stores, though it is best to be sure that you purchase it in bags that are bleach free in order to avoid any unwanted health risks. We highly recommend Buddha Teas as an organic tea merchant that you can take comfort in relying on. Buddha Teas delivers high quality herbal drinks promptly to your home in an all natural form that is gathered together in healthy unbleached tea bags so that you can enjoy your tea in its purest forms as intended by nature.

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